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Extrusion Machine Operator (Plastic Film)

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Currently seeking to fill multiple experienced Extrusion Machine Operator (Plastic Film) openings on (Enter Shift here) shift with a company located in (Enter City/location).

Available Shift  
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Responsibilities (Please add or delete what is needed)    
– Responsible plastic film extrusion and plastic film conversion
– Install or change extrusion heads, dies, pins, sizing sleeves, screens and extruder screws as needed.
– Make all necessary line adjustments, including; start-up, temperature profile adjustments, dryer setups, resin changeovers, and shutdowns. 
– Make necessary adjustments to keep materials in the specification. 
– Arrange raw material feeding systems and containers. 
– Mix raw materials as required.

Requirements (Please add or delete what is needed)  
– Previous related experience.
– Must have the ability to set up and operate extrusion lines, using a variety of thermoplastic materials to produce plastic cylinders and profiles meeting specifications and dimensions in accordance with work orders and blueprints. 
– Ability to instruct lower graded machine tenders in the details of the extrusion line operation. 
– Ability to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment.
– Perform the job safely while adhering to company safety standards.

Compensation and Benefits (Please add or delete what is needed)  
– Pay Rate: $(Enter Pay rate here)  
– Paid Holidays  
– Vacation Pay  
– Health Insurance  
– Referral Bonus Program  
– Employee of the Month  
– Employee Appreciation Day  
– Weekly pay by direct deposit or paycard