Be on Your Best Behavior at the Company Picnic

By February 28, 2016Tips for Job Seekers

It’s still cold outside, but HR managers and employee teams in many companies already are planning summer picnics. While many people dread this summertime networking event, employee outings are excellent opportunities to get to know co-workers and the bosses.

Normally, employees are on their best behavior at formal events. At a company picnic, some people unwind too much, which can leave them at the center of rumors and gossip. To further a career and prevent mishaps, follow these company-picnic tips.

Be There 

Although it can be uncomfortable to go to company parties, it is an absolute necessity. Showing up to the company event shows you’re serious about your career. It is an opportunity to get to know the CEO and management staff. It never pays to miss corporate picnics.

Drink Moderately 
Employee outings sometimes include alcohol as a social lubricant, but it’s wise to limit alcohol consumption or not drink at all. There is no reason to drink to excess around co-workers and employers. Each drink increases the chances of a major faux pas, and being drunk at a corporate event leaves a bad impression with the senior managers.

Prepare Your Family Members 

Before you head out to the picnic, let your children and spouse know the type of behaviors that are acceptable. If a particular boss is touchy about a recent haircut, warn your spouse not to say anything. Once you arrive, keep an eye on your children. No one likes it when children run wild at a picnic or any event. Your children are a representation of you and the type of parent that you are. If you let your children misbehave, it will end up reflecting on you.

Network Carefully 

The company picnic is the perfect place for networking with bosses. While you want to get to know your bosses better, you should avoid talking shop too much. Your bosses want to relax, and discussing work the entire time might just add to their stress. Network with everyone at the picnic in a friendly, sociable manner. Later on, you can always transform these social events into career leads or promotions.

Say Hello to Your Manager

If your boss does not see you at the picnic, it is like you were never there. You went to this picnic to network and fulfill your employer’s wishes. Make sure that your manager sees that you are there before you leave.

Don’t Be Too Competitive 

While it is normal to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee or volleyball while you are at the picnic, you do not want to become too competitive. No one likes a bad winner or loser, and the point of any corporate game is to encourage employees to interact. Play fair, have fun and avoid being too competitive.

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