The Best Skilled Trade Jobs

By February 20, 2016Job Tips, Tips for Job Seekers

In recent years, employers have struggled to find workers for skilled trade jobs. The problem appears to be growing since a report in 2012 confirmed that 53 percent of the country’s skilled trade workers were 45 and older. The report said more than 18 percent were between 55 and 64 years old. In states like Michigan and Indiana, attending a trade school is a good option because these jobs pay well and are needed. Three of the top industrial trade jobs include becoming a welder, a machinist or an electrician.


If you decide to become a welder, both Michigan and Indiana offer a number of training programs. As a student, you can choose to become certified. With certification, you may find it easier to obtain employment. Michigan features two accredited testing centers. Be sure to make an appointment to take the test. Acquiring your associate’s degree in welding is another option. Several schools offer education programs, and they will help you get started in the field by setting you up with an internship. Most trade schools have the equipment and materials available to train you properly. You will also learn about the job’s safety protocols.


Industrial machinists repair factory equipment as well as other machinery like production gear, conveyors and packaging equipment. Because manufacturing jobs are increasing, Michigan employers need workers. To enter the field, consider signing up for a machinist education program at Lake Michigan College. The institution’s introduction to machining will teach you about machines, measurement tools and cutters. Indiana University offers machinists training that will teach you about stamping, cutting and piercing.


Electricians install or alter electrical wiring in buildings and equipment. There are several levels of this career field. Apprentice electricians work under the supervision of a master electrician or a licensed journeyman. Once you become a journeyman electrician, you will be eligible to work unsupervised. You will also be qualified to oversee apprentices. With time, training and comprehensive knowledge of the National Electrical Code, you can become a master electrician. [6] Michigan State University offers courses in the electrical field as does the Indiana Electrical Contractors, or IEC, association in central Indiana. For this program, you’ll learn through workplace training. Demonstrations, labs and lectures are also a part of the program.

By selecting a skilled trade career, you’ll be choosing an employment area in need of skilled workers. If you become a welder, machinist or an electrician, you’ll likely make a good income.

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