Appreciate Your Employees with a Holiday Party

By November 21, 2015Tips for Employers

You might have an excellent product or service that is head and shoulders above the competition, but you need a great team of employees to deliver. They deserve your appreciation.

This holiday season, give your employees a party as your way of saying thank you. Investing in a holiday party boosts morale and fosters teamwork. Your employees are more likely to remain loyal to you when they feel like they matter. Break out the holiday cheer and spread the joy. It will come back to you tenfold.

Deck the Halls at Work

Begin by creating a festive atmosphere at work. Surprise your staff by pulling out all of the stops with decorations throughout your building. They’ll light up and smile when they see the holiday elves have been hard at work while everyone else was at home. A few lights, a tree, and colorful flowers are simple ways to bring cheer.

Food, Lots of Food

If you decide to hold your holiday party at work, try holding it during the day instead of after work hours. Give employees a break from the daily grind. Begin with breakfast treats in the morning. Roll in the lunch treats later, and round it out with cookies, cakes and other sweet treats. Fill up the punch bowl, set out a cooler filled with bottled drinks, and encourage your team to drop in at any time throughout the day to enjoy the goodies.

Pick a Party Place

You can go above and beyond your office party by planning an event outside of work. Choose a location where your employees can have a night on the town. You need a venue where they can eat a nice meal, dance, listen to music, and visit. If you’re worried about anyone indulging too much, include hotel rooms to ensure your staff members are safe. It’s going to be expensive, but it’s an investment you are making to keep your business on solid ground. If your team is strapped for time, contact an event production company such as Compass Rose Events that handles everything from event logistics to making sure that Santa Claus makes an appearance. When you give back to your employees, you are also giving a gift to yourself through your generosity of spirit.

Eat, drink, and be merry with your staff during the most festive time of the year. As the old year comes to a close, you’ll set the stage for a good year ahead.

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