Key Points to Writing a Successful Job Ad

By September 27, 2015Tips for Employers

When writing job ads or descriptions, there are a few keys to winnowing the applicants and finding the right candidate. Use these tips to help write job descriptions in your employment ads.

Specific Job Name/Title: With job descriptions, start by using the correct job name and title. To get more clicks and views, the ad has to be targeted at the type of worker one is hiring. For example, the word “managers” can include anyone who worked at a coffee shop to someone who oversaw a large corporate merger, but by including keywords that target the type of applicant, such as hedge fund office manager, this can eliminate people who might apply but have no finance experience.

Target Experience: Another area that needs focus and attention is the actual job description. No one wants to be inundated with thousands of applications at once only to find that the candidates didn’t read the description or a particular item wasn’t included that could have cut the list in half. For example, by letting candidates know they will need to pass a background check and must be certified in human resource management, this can eliminate a lot of job seekers who would randomly apply, thereby narrowing down the search to more qualified candidates. It’s also not enough to look strictly for college graduates, as the field is so broad, but include criteria such as: recent banking experience or Excel expert. Reference for Business says clear and concise descriptions can help find the right candidate.

Write Out Day-to-Day Tasks: When writing a job ad or description, write out all the specific tasks that the job includes.

List Important Issues at the Top – In Bold: Because job seekers may only skim a description before committing to sending a resume, put in bold at the very top any area that needs to be addressed ahead of time. For example, if the position is salaried, but the employee needs to stay late, as needed, state that. One of the reasons managers want to highlight areas that might be overlooked is to narrow the type of worker they are hiring. It should be someone who takes the time to read through the description thoroughly and understands their future responsibilities. If a manager is ever unsure, point out to the applicant the area of concern to be sure it’s not overlooked.

Highlight the Benefits of the Company: Paychex points out that 56% of companies have trouble hiring top candidates. Highlighting benefits showcases your key selling points. List the vacation time, weekends off, flexible schedule, and other key selling points.

Ultimately, the goal is to let the writing of the job description streamline the list of candidates. It’s also important to highlight the benefits of the company to strong applicants and confirm that the description has been read thoroughly. The more accurate the description, the better the experience in hiring the best candidate.

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