Wearable Tech Popping Up in More Workplaces

By August 30, 2015Industry News

Sensors in a runner’s shirt can determine when they cross the finish line, reducing the reliance on a person holding a stopwatch. Store employees wear devices to track and count items they stock on shelves.

Wearable technology has been used in the workplace for a long time, and more devices are coming into play today. Depending on where you work, you may be using some of these workplace wearables.

Uses for Wearable Technology

Walkie-talkies have long been used by parking lot employees, police officers and many other people, but more advanced wearable technologies have emerged since the development of the portable, 2-way communication device.

Smartwatches developed by companies like Google, Apple and Samsung are effectively wearable computers. These computerized watches could be useful for any employee who needs a GPS tracker, or who needs to perform calculations but is on their feet and has their hands full.

According to Harvard Business Review, Tesco employees at a distribution center in Ireland wear armbands that track the goods they are gathering, freeing up the time that would otherwise be spent writing it down. The armbands also tell the employees wearing them what tasks to begin next, forecasts their completion time, and tracks their movements around the facility. This has been useful in increasing efficiency, so that fewer workers are needed for the same amount of work.

Measuring Workplace Fatigue

The healthcare industry and many industrial workplaces have used similar devices to measure the fatigue of their employees by noting changes to their posture. The military has also used wearable technologies for the same reason. By sensing how tired the wearer has become, one knows what tasks to assign to them for their safety.

The National Football League has adopted the use of wearable technology by placing sensors into the players’ helmets to measure impact forces. It allows teams and players to measure their long-term risk of brain injury.

There are plenty of advanced devices that have become workplace wearables. Some may make you feel as if you are being watched, but an employer issuing them has your safety in mind or is helping you complete your work more easily.

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