Study: Work-Life Balance Still A Top Issue for Employees

Nearly half of employees have a difficult time balancing their work with their personal lives, according to an Employee Engagement study done by Randstad US.

With 39% believing that their bosses do not encourage vacation days and an astounding 45% feeling unable to disconnect from work while on vacation, a lot of people would rather make less money but be happier at work.

Employee Engagement By the Numbers

  • 41% of employees believe that they are unable to achieve a balance between work and their personal lives.
  • 42% of employees feel as if their employers do nothing to help them achieve that balance.
  • 39% of employees have managers who do not encourage them to take vacation days.
  • 49% of employees become more stressed about work upon returning from a vacation, and 46% also worry constantly about work while on vacation.
  • 38% of employees try to impress their employers by taking fewer vacations, with the belief that this makes them look better to the company.
  • 36% of employees have gone as far as to cancel their vacation plans in favor of work.

Why Vacations are Important for Employees

Taking a vacation is healthy and provides employees with a chance to unwind. This improves their work motivation and productivity, and contributes to their overall ability to achieve balance between their work and their lives away from their jobs.

Why Vacations are Important for Employers

Increased productivity on the part of employees means increased profit for the employer. And employees will work harder for a company that helps them feel empowered to take vacations and make their own decisions.

An employer who makes an effort to have good relations with employees, and encourages them to not only make use of their vacation days but also to completely detach themselves from work to better enjoy their vacations, will have a lower turnover rate and higher morale.

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