Forge Offers Insurance for Temporary Workers

As an hourly or part-time worker with Forge Industrial Staffing, you are eligible for health insurance provided by The American Worker, which serves 250,000 employers and employees across the United States.

You may already have a job interview and interview questions on your mind, so insurance should not be something to worry about. In a variable workforce, your needs will change, and that is where The American Worker comes in.

What Does The American Worker Offer You?

The American Worker specializes in hourly employees in an evolving workplace and gives clients a customized plan that works the best in their situations.

Customized fixed-indemnity medical plans are offered to either stand alone or be combined with self-funded plans. This not only prevents catastrophic loss, but also is cost-effective compared to the major medical plans out there. The American Worker has been assisting hourly and part-time employees with getting the most out of their benefits options since 1983.

Depending on what option an employer has chosen, employees may or may not have to use doctors within the Preferred Provider Organization network, or PPO. MEC plans do require employees to use a doctor who is in the network, meaning that they are on the list of doctors who will take your insurance. With fixed-indemnity, an employee can use any doctor, though those on the “Preferred Provider” list are recommended.


With a three-part marketing campaign, The American Worker educates employees about the enrollment process. This ensures clear communication and answers any questions an employee may have. The company also sends pre-enrollment postcards and enrollment guides to employees’ homes to let them know that a new benefit offering is starting and to assist them in the enrollment.

Simple Enrollment

With an attentive call center and online support, The American Worker makes things simple. You can enroll through their customer service representatives over the phone or enroll online. The customer service representatives are helpful and have at least two years’ experience with The American Worker, enabling them to answer all of your questions easily. Most of the options available through The American Worker do not require employees to answer health questions, which makes things easier.

Billing and Premium Made Easy

Their payroll cycle eliminates problems such as issuing refunds or partials, and each situation is customized to best fit a client’s needs. Employees can pay online and view their eligibility easily. Overall, an automated payroll deduction processing and smart billing make everything simple and give clients the plan they need.

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