Update My Resume? But I’m Happy Here

Being happy in your job is great, but just as you shouldn’t let yourself go after marriage, it doesn’t do to let yourself go after finding the job that is “the one,” for similar reasons. Nobody wants to become the office equivalent of a sloppy, complacent couch potato.

Instead, keep the spice in your career by spending your career development time updating the skills that will be most valuable to you and your employer, while avoiding spending time and money in areas which might sound good at the time, but don’t fit your ultimate career goals. Making a regular quarterly assessment will let you figure out the skills you most need to gain, make sure you’re staying on track, provide accountability to yourself, help you plan for future career moves, and will let you know if you’re getting off track while any issues are still easily correctable.

In addition, doing a quarterly resume assessment allows time to appreciate yourself and your accomplishments, look at what is (and what isn’t) working for you, and helps you learn about your strengths. After all, it’s hard to play to them if you don’t know what they are. Put together, you’ll have a better sense of yourself and a deeper appreciation of your worth. This translates into a confidence boost, which is a benefit that accompanies you everywhere you go.

Of course, the primary purpose of a resume is to show yourself at your best to prospective employers, and doing a regular resume check can be invaluable in this area as well. Even though you’re currently happy where you are, you might be interested in a promotion if one opened up. You might get an unexpected call from a recruiter who wants to offer you your dream job. An opportunity that requires expert credibility, such as a speaking engagement, media interview or an especially juicy freelance offer, could fall into your lap. Or, as has happened to many people in the past decade, you might find yourself unexpectedly unemployed.

Sure, you could dash home in each of these scenarios and throw together a resume that might pass muster. But that kind of resume wouldn’t show you at your absolute best – especially if you are rushed, under a tight deadline or stressed while you are working on it.

Instead, if you have been updating your resume regularly, you will have a resume already prepared to send out without a delay that risks the job going to someone else. It will have your accomplishments recorded while they were still fresh in your mind. It will have the latest keywords, and the most current, stylish presentation to grab the reader’s attention. Writing errors will not be an issue, because you have spent time proofreading it when you are not stressed, rushed, or tired.

Unlike the other poor slobs, who had to quickly throw together a half-way acceptable resume, yours will be a work of perfection, honed to a razor-sharp edge. You will be prepared and confident, trained in the most useful skills and fully realizing your own value. You will have the competitive edge because you updated your resume regularly.

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