Internships and Volunteer Work Can Build Skills and Resume

If уоu want to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, and you want your resume to boast more than impressive job opportunities, then consider boosting your resume with temporary summer work and internships.

You will have several months to involve yourself with a staffing company that can connect you with potential summer jobs and volunteer opportunities to jump start your resume building. Here are several possibilities that you can partake in to make this summer productive:

Gain managing experience by mentoring summer interns: A staffing company can help with connecting you to local schools and universities. Interns are bright, eager and enthusiastic. They can bring new energy into your resume. Mentoring аlsо gives you experience supervising оthеrs, managing resources and people, and teaching.

Participate in a summer club: Journal clubs are а popular activity for summer interns, and you can be part of that experience. Professionals lead many of these experiences. A summer club can create another opportunity to mentor, which will make your resume more effective. Forbes routinely underlines the importance of showcasing effective management skills in resumes, which is a hard skill that many hiring employers are looking for.

Consider completing an internship or returnship session. Internships are viable opportunities to make your resume more marketable. Returnships share similarities to internships, but they tend to be more fit for older, seasoned professionals that seek to obtain a new job skill through a summer mentoring program. Goldman Sachs spearheaded the concept of returnships, with its own returnship program. Regardless if it’s an internship or a returnship, these summer opportunities will allow you to gain valuable work experience that will strengthen your current resume and help you transition into a new field.

Staffing companies can also connect you with volunteering opportunities. Whether at your local community center or abroad, lending your professional skills will not only spotlight your philanthropic endeavors, but it will also show that you are eager to showcase your skills. Many activities include one-time initiatives and ongoing partnerships. If you choose to go abroad, programs can last anywhere from a week to a whole summer.

Volunteering shows that you are socially responsible and you are willing to help and use your skills. It also improves your leadership and project management skills on your resume.

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