Can A Staffing Agency Help Recent Graduates Find Work?

With all of the national statistics pointing to how hard it is to find employment after graduation, this year’s college and high school graduates should consider the advantages of using a staffing agency to help them launch their careers.

Staffing agencies know the employment market better than anyone and can connect you to jobs for which you are qualified. Agencies can assess your skills and help you find a match easier. They also know the best jobs available for graduates in your area and can save you time searching for job opportunities.

Ideally, an agency’s ability to match job qualifications to the available positions will mean a perfect match for you and the employer.

On the other hand, using a staffing agency could limit your opportunities. If you give an agency most of the responsibility for finding a job for you, you might miss other opportunities. Some people feel this takes the control out of their hands in their job seeking activities.

Despite that, applying for work through an agency might be the most efficient way to look for a job after graduation. The goal for new graduates is to find and connect to the best jobs, and agencies often know where those jobs are.

An agency can also help you avoid some of the pitfalls that you may experience when you try to go it alone. Forge Industrial Staffing specializes in the automotive, packaging, and greenhouse industries and can help those wanting to break into those fields.

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