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By January 28, 2015Tips for Job Seekers

Our recent blog about improving job-seeking skills mentioned taking online courses as a way to learn new subjects or improve your existing skills. With hundreds of colleges, universities, career centers and community organizations offering courses that you can take from home, why not take advantage of these opportunities to prepare yourself for your dream job.

College courses can be expensive, and if you’re in between jobs, this added expense is often not possible. So, how are you supposed to gain employment if you are unable to afford the training you need to get the job? Look for free courses online.

While free online courses do not carry the weight of a degree or certificate from a university, they provide much of the same information at a pace that works with your schedule. For instance, if you are considering a move into website development or computer programming, sites like,, or offer courses, training and information to get you on your way.

For other industries, sites like,, and offer free online courses in safety management, health, sciences, management, accounting and almost any industry you can imagine. Udemy also offers paid courses and Open2study is Australian based, however many other sites can be found by searching for free online courses in your industry on, or

By completing these courses at your own pace, you will find that you are making yourself a more attractive candidate to hiring teams. And if you able to take college courses later, you’ll have a head start.

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